Welcome to Chelsea, Filipe Luis!

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Amazing 3D Sand Drawings Give Beach a New Dimension by Jamie Harkins

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New Zealand artist Jamie Harkins and his fellow artist friends transform the beaches of Mount Maunganui into eye-popping works of art with their amazing 3D sand drawings.

Morning Training | July 22, 2014 

On the first day of UCLA trainings, the team spent the morning on ball work and fitness. Coentrão, still nursing a groin injury, worked one-on-one with the team’s fitness coach. [pics]

Tuesday’s afternoon session will begin at 5 pm local time (2 am CEST). The first 15 minutes are open to the media.

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Interviewer: “For you personally, you signed a 5 year deal, what are your targets and your goals?”

"To win everything, to win absolutely everything. It is the only thing missing in my career, the Champions League. The rest I’ve won it, but I want to win it all over again. And I will give my best, with my experience and my commitment that I can give to the team, to achieve this target" - Cesc Fabregas

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Creo que el concepto de “virginidad” fue inventado por un hombre que cree que su pene es tan importante como para cambiar la condición de una mujer.

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